Part 5Life at Home in 1963:   It is now the summer of 1963. I drove home from San Marcos with just a little experience with my rangefinder camera. I used that experience to the best advantage that I could.   I bummed around with Terry Clark, worked in a tomato packing plant, and took a set of pictures of Claudia Smith, put together my darkroom.   I drove around looking for interesting pictures, swam in an irrigation canal and had fantasies of becoming the best photographer ever of beautiful women in all states of undress. In these fantasies I lived in a big house with a swimming pool, a large darkroom, an even larger studio with many props, fancy clothes, and the best studio lighting equipment that money could buy.   All I had to do to find beautiful, sexy women was to place an add in the newspaper and they would line up at my front door begging me to choose them (which I would gladly do).   About that time, Terry would knock at my door and say something like this: Come on Fred, lets to the Keno café for a Quickie (Chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, veggies and milk). Off we would go, I would suddenly be back in the real world.   That summer did come to and end. I drove back to San Marcos with my new darkroom to continue with my college classes.   Here is one of my web locations:   Picture MF 0059A-06