I graduated high school in 1958 and started college at Pan American College at Edinburg, Texas.  As I recall, the trip between Weslaco and Edinburg was about 22 miles.  There were four of us in a carpool, they included Darryl Davis, Jacque McAdams, Charles Smithy, Fred Hoffman.

My activities there included, CCF (Campus Christion Fellowship), Choir, and the usual classes.  I continued singing in the choir all during my college days.

My second try at college was in Kingsville, at Texas A&I University (Texas College of Arts and Industries).  They had the best choir of the three colleges I attended, however, their Industrial Arts department was not as good at the one in Weslaco.  In many ways I liked the campus, the cafeteria, the group of students at the CCF.

Next I decided to try Southwest Texas State College, in San Marcos Texas.  Their Industrial Arts department was OK, their choir not so much. However, they had an excellent photography class, where I got hooked on taking pictures, developing 35mm film and prints.

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